I've always had a fascination with parenting, mostly due to my amazing parents and the way they raised me and my sisters. Now that I am older and have my children of my own that fascination runs even deeper.

On any given week you'll find on my "currently reading" shelf books that inspire or equip me in some way in my relationships with those around me. 

I hope this list inspires you to invest in what matters!


parenting from the inside out.jpg

Parenting from the inside out

This book has always stood out to me along the line-up of parenting books because of the way the authors engage the reader around such a unique approach to parenting. The authors encourage parents to do the hard work of truly understanding themselves before they tackle external issues. 

shepherding a child's heart.jpg

Shepherding your child's heart

Dr. Tedd Tripp captures one of the clearest pictures of biblical parenting I have read, and he does so in a way that connects parents hearts to their children's hearts. This focus lends itself to a beautiful representation of gospel-centered parenting



Someone once told me that in life we will have mentors who we walk through life with up close and personal and then we'll have book mentors or those who teach us from afar. 

These are just a few of the folks who have mentored me along the way and whom I look up to (and aspire to be like one day!)


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