Our Story in A Few Nutshells



She was the summer youth intern at Harvest Church.

He was the summer youth intern at Harvest Church.

She thought she could handle the youth all on her own.

He was determined to not be "those summer interns" who fell in love.

December: He asked her father if he could pursue a relationship with her.


He relentlessly pursued her heart.

She made him work for it. 

December: They got engaged.


June 10th: The most wonderful day.

Two weeks of honeymooning.

Two days of packing.

One long drive to Wilmore, Kentucky.

Hello, new little home!


The adventures of seminary and graduate school were nothing short of... adventuresome.

They made many dear, new married friends.

And learned to live on rice and beans.


She graduated from the University of Kentucky.

But, she felt there was more to learn.

She applied and was accepted into three doctoral programs.

One long drive to Athens, Georgia.

Hello, second little home!


They hunkered down at the University of Georgia for her doctoral program

She learned the ins-and-outs of the program.

They moved into a charming little cottage.

Hello, third little home! 


John received his Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Their precious four-year-old niece, Makiah, was killed by a teen who was on drugs.

This began the darkest of days they have ever experienced.


They continued to muddle through their grief.

They sought out a grief counselor.

She received her doctorate and began working at the University of Georgia.


July 18th: Caleb Ryan Arnold made his entrance into the world.

This consumed their year.


<Insert rocking (ahem, surviving) their role as new parents>

John began his M.B.A. program at the University of Georgia.


Their family was growing...

August 2nd: Elise Mimi Arnold joined their merry band.


This concludes their season in Georgia.

One long drive to Tallahassee, Florida.

Hello, fourth little home!


John dived deep into his doctoral program.

They became rooted in their community in Tallahassee.

Laura felt a stirring in her soul for something more than the mundane living.

John began to ponder the great evils that plague our society.


February 2nd: Elliot John Arnold completed their family's #tightteam

Laura lost her job of five years.

She began working with a consulting firm.

December: She decided something had to give.


And now we watch as the story truly begins to unfold...