Hi! I’m Laura. And, I’m on a mission to live into the fullness of who God has called me to be. And, I’m bringing along all of you that desire this same fullness in your own lives!

This year has been a process of walking into the fullerness of who God has created me to be. And, I cannot tell you how F R E E I N G this has been.

If you’re wondering if that is a typo, the answer is no.

Fullerness: the process of walking into the fullness...    but you aren’t quite there yet.

With this fullerness has come a new set of adventures. Honestly, many of these adventures I didn't see coming. But let me start back in January!

I had a clear impression at the beginning of this year that my word for 2018 would be: Us. That felt like a pretty lame word, primarily because there was no action attached to it (or so I thought!). Interestingly, the Lord was positioning me for this next step as 2017 came to a close. I felt the Lord tell me that it was time to re-focus my relationships, primarily with Him and with John. These two relationships had kinda been in maintenance mode (read: non-thriving mode) since the first part of 2017 when my littlest baby was born. But, the young babe was almost a year old. It was time to wake up from this newborn slumber!

And so I got the word “Us.” I distinctly felt that along with this word came the reminder that this journey through life is not at all about going the process alone, but that it is a togetherness. It’s a team effort. God. Me. The hubby.

I wanted to kick off the year in full force strengthening these relationships, but I was grappling with where to start. What was my year going to look like focusing on these relationships?! Then I saw a post about a goal planner. I immediately ordered it and began filling it in (let me interject here that this planner has been a catalyst to so much change inside of me!). I really began to process “What are clear,concrete steps that I can take towards strengthening these relationships?”

For the Lord, two of my goals this year are to spend time consistently, daily with Him and to memorize Colossians. I’m currently nearing the end of the first chapter, and I’m finding that spending time drilling God’s word into my mind, my soul, my thoughts, absolutely changes the atmosphere around me.

You cannot be in the word of God and not be transformed.

He shows up. His presence, His power, His Spirit permeates all that I am and all that I’m doing so that it becomes an all-consuming fire that burns up the things that are of the flesh. This has created space for Him to become the cornerstone in my life once again.

So, why share this? What’s the importance of talking about these things? I believe that sharing the testimony of Christ working in me is powerful and will bring freedom and transformation in my life and other’s lives. In fact, one of the ways that we overcome the challenges of this world is by the word of our testimonies (Rev. 12:11).

Ultimately, my heart is to see people’s lives transformed into the image of Christ and to encourage others to walk in the fullness (definition: the state of being filled to capacity) of who God has designed them to be. No longer living in the shadows or the fears or memories of who they were, but living into who God says they are. I can’t say with certainty what my exact role will be in this ministry that burns inside of me, but I know that I want to be faithful in these “few things” so that God will trust me with many things (Matt 25:21). And, I believe that He is equipping me to do that. He has given me a boldness, an assurance about myself this year, and He is pouring into me so that I have a fullerness of my understanding of Him and His power inside of me.

He is also giving me an understanding of what this “team effort” looks like. I thought that this "team effort" was simply about my journey through life...Yet, it turns out it includes more than just walking through life...It specifically applies to a new adventure I’m heading into!

I’m writing a book.


Details coming soon!!! I don’t have all the answers to what will come, yet there is a sort of knowing inside me that I am focused and I am taking a few faithful steps towards knowing who God has uniquely created me to be. So many of these little steps have resulted from taking time at the first of the year to be intentional about 2018. I’m excited to see what happens!!

What are you focusing on this year? What is the Lord stirring in your heart??

Sound off in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I often make up my own words. Stick around and I’m sure I’ll have more!!